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The Kabbalah Life Analysis Anmeldung

“Soul Plan Picture”

As a foundation for your hand-painted, artistically implemented “Soul Plan”, all energy influxes and the contents of your learning tasks will be consulted in accordance with your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis.
You will thus be able to see all of your soul’s desires, your talents and your strengths on a broader, visual level.

-Powerful and impressive!

Every Soul Plan Picture is created individually in both colour and form by the artist Jasmin Linsin, making it a unique element in your personal living environment.
Excellently suited for meditation and, of course, an exceptional gift idea!

Material: acrylic on canvas, satin sealed, size 30 x 40 cm

Price: - 155,- €
Delivery: shipped by Post within about 2 to 3 weeks.
» Deliveries within Germany
...will be shipped postage paid.
» Deliveries within Europe
- additional € 4,99 foreign postage.
» Deliveries outside Europe
- additional € 6,- foreign postage.

» Payment:
Germany/Europe by innvoice, outside Europe via PayPal
A simple and SAFE way for customers to transfer money on the Internet, the most common payment method on eBay.

» Order a "Soulplan"-hand-painted
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Soul Plan example
Soul Plan, example, Name and Data covered