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The Kabbalah Life Analysis Anmeldung
Thomas Haessle
79736 Rickenbach
Business for you? / Kabbalah Life Analysis by Thomas Haessle

Thomas Haessle
79736 Rickenbach

We are very pleased about your interest to become a partner. We would like to invite you to spread the Kabbalah Life Analysis and become part of our community!

There are different possibilities:

Mediator: You work in a helping or healing profession and want to pass on the analyses to your clients! - Please ask for Conditions.

Partnership: You can imagine to create and offer Kabbalah life analyses self-reliant! Very interesting for people who are working in the field of life coaching, for naturopaths and psychotherapists as an addition to your existing range and for people with spiritual interests and knowledge. Here the basic information, detailed information on request.

Calculate and create Kabbalah life analyses on your own!
With your personal access to the software KABBASOL you can use the complete calculation software and carry out numerical calculations independently!
You can create and print Life-Analyses / Relationship-Analyses / Subject-Analyses. You have an own extensive memory space and an accounting function for billing and administration!
The software KABBASOL was developed by Hermann Schweyer and is unique in terms of meaningfulness, calculation reliability and scope! This has been confirmed for years and is also reflected in the feedback from our customers.

Offer the Kabbalah Life Analyses self-reliant in your country!
Available languages for the analyses are: German, English, French and Portuguese, therefore very interesting for many countries!

For further non-binding informations and/or ordering please send a email to -

We are looking forward to your request!

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Business for you?
A matchless business idea for you with KABBASOL!