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The Kabbalah Life Analysis Anmeldung
Thomas Haessle
D-79736 Rickenbach
Business for you? / Kabbalah Life Analysis by Thomas Haessle
Kabbala Lebensanalysen / Thomas Häßle
Thomas Haessle
D-79736 Rickenbach
Software "KABBASOL"

Calculate Kabbalah-life-analyses by yourself!

With the Software "KABBASOL" you can easily calculate Kabbalah Life Analyses at home!
You can do a lot of calculations and experiment for yourself, create and print out life analyses for your family, friends, acquaintances. . .

Fascinating and unique!

Of course, also very interesting for people in the field of life coaching / counseling or for naturopaths and psychotherapists as a supplement to the existing range.
Offer the Kabbalah Life Analyses self-employed in your country!

Available languages for the analyses are: German English, French and Portuguese, therefore very interesting for countries like e.g. England, France, Portugal, USA, Australia . . .
For further non-binding informations please send a e-mail to -
I'm looking forward to your request!

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Business for you?
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