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The Kabbalah Life Analysis Anmeldung

We are Thomas Haessle and Jasmin Linsin. We live and work in the southern Black Forest and have been offering the Kabbalah life analyzes and the soul plan energy images for many years.

born in July '67 in Bad Saeckingen, Germany, and grew up in the southern Black Forest.

After many years working self employed in the production and distribution of healthcare products, I wanted to give my customers something more so that they could make a mental and spiritual recovery as well.

Then, several years ago, after some independent searching, I came across the Kabbalah Life Analysis. After holding my own Life Analysis in my hands and reading it for the first time, it immediately became clear to me:
The Kabbalah Life Analysis describes the soul’s actual plan, the life that our soul has chosen to live and that we so often lose sight of.

The Kabbalah Life Analysis is “the book of my name”, which remains valid for life. A wonderful tool, which presents precisely and clearly how life tasks and illnesses are interrelated, what an illness is trying to tell me, and how I can get better.
I offering the Kabbalah Life Analyses since 2002 in the German-speaking world as well as worldwide in various translations.

Interested persons I also offer the possibility to calculate and offer analyzes with the calculation program Kabbasol ©! This is very interesting for people working in the field of life coaching / counseling or for alternative practitioners and psychotherapists as a supplement to your existing offer.
Especially for countries such as. France, England, USA, Australia . . I am looking for more providers!
See also: Software "Kabbasol ©"
Thomas Haessle
The Kabbalah Life Analysi/Software KABBASOL
I've lived in the southern Black Forest for many years. I work full-time as a freelance artist and artisan in my own studio.

My main subject areas are spiritual art and animal painting.
With my soul plan energy pictures I have connected these two areas. For me it becomes more and more clear how important the spiritual work is. It is therefore my intention to support people with my pictures on their way to self-discovery.

I am convinced that all people are connected to one another, that's why I rely entirely on my intuition to find powerful colors and shapes for you that have a healing and invigorating effect.

We are happy if we can help you with our offer!

Thomas and Jasmin