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The Kabbalah Life Analysis Anmeldung

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-order here Kabbalah Life Analyses/ Soul Plan Pictures, by entering your options and your data.

-Costs: Kabbalah Life Analysis as PDF, 35,- €, printed and bound, 43,00 €, further analyzes 10% discount.
-Shipping: by post, within 4-6 working days, postage free in Germany, Europe plus 3 € postage, worldwide plus 6 € postage.
-Payment via PayPal or foreign bank transfer.
The required data will only be used in order to prepare your Kabbalah Life Analysis and will under no circumstances be passed on to a third party.
It is very important that you enter your first name/forename, all middle names, your last name/surname, as they appear on your birth certificate! If there is any uncertainty, please enter further information in the space for comments.

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One Kabbalah Life Analysis for Person 1

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Optional: A further Kabbalah Life Analysis for person 2

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a Relationship Analysis between person 1 and person 2. (» Info)

Factual relationship analysis (» Info) for person 1

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