Find out and recognise your life tasks as well as the true causes                      of any health issues!


Every man has his own life tasks and learning tasks which his soul has chosen to grow and to mature. If you would like to know “your” life goal and “your” learning tasks, and also find out the illnesses with which you will be alerted to your mistakes, then you are in the right place!

You will be amazed by all the things your name reveals about you!

Based on your full name and your date of birth, the numerological mysticism of Kabbalah can decipher what your soul has resolved to learn in this life. It also shows the illnesses and problems with which you will be warned if you disregard these learning tasks.

I would be pleased when the Kabbalah life analysis helps you too, to find new ways and get healthy!

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Thomas Haessle


Thinking under Tree,. fromJasmin Linsin